Rustic Welcome Post

My sister sent me some pictures of welcome posts last week and we decided to make them our own.  We added a fence post light and got some clearance decorations at Hobby Lobby and they turned out great!  The best part about this craft is you can switch out the decorations for the different seasons and Holidays.  I've always wanted one of those cute ladders to go on my porch but they end up being too big.  This just went straight into the garden and didn't take up any of my decorating space.


- 4' 4x4 board
- Fence Post Light (You can get the ones we used at Home Depot for $5!)
- Hook (Home Depot)
- Paint
- Paint Brush

Here's the board that I started with.  It was leftover wood from another craft we made the week before.  I loved it because it had the mix of dark and light wood and had quite a few cracks in it.

As far as paint goes my sister and I went different ways with it.  My sister used a watered down acrylic purple paint and I just went with whatever I had in my garage, which was some extra white paint we had laying around.

She painted hers all over with the paint and water and it ended up looking like this:

It ended up looking like a colored wood and turned out really pretty.  Unfortunately my painting skills aren't all the way there so I like to try and make everything look "rustic" haha it turns out way easier for me because when I mess up I can pretend like it was just meant to be.  So for mine I did the white paint all over my board but I really watered it down.  Then i took some of the water and dripped it down the board to make it look like it had been outside for a while.  This is what it looked like after the paint:

After that I used some faux glaze on the corners and in the cracks.  I use this glaze for almost all of my crafts, we bought it a few years ago to redo our cabinets and it looks perfect on just about anything.

Once everything is dry you can add your light and screw your hook into the board.

Once you're all done you can bury the post in your garden.  I think the best way to do it is dig your hole and add some water to it.  Start filling it in and when it's half full add more water, then finish filling it in and water it down one more time.  Adding the water helps the dirt to settle and keeps your post secure.  If you're extra smart like my sister you can add some rocks to the bottom to stabilize it even more.