Porch Firecrackers!

It's getting close to the 4th of July and I'm really excited for the next few crafts we have planned. The first one are these cute porch firecrackers.  They are easy to make but they take a bit of time.  Lucky for me, my sister let me come over to her house and craft so our puppies could run wild together and get out all of their energy... 

So first off supplies!  You will need:

-4x4 board cut into 3 pieces ( 3 feet, 2 feet, and 1 foot)*
-Spray paint in Red, White, and Blue
-6 wooden stars (Hobby Lobby)
- Three 6 inch pieces of rope (Home Depot)
-Ribbon (Hobby Lobby)
-Hot glue gun

*You can buy a board that's 8', we accidentally bought the 10' board and used the extra to make these seasonal Welcome Posts.  Definitely worth it!

So anyone with eyeballs can see that this is a VERY easy craft to make so I'll keep the instructions simple. It's basically just a lot of taping off and spray painting. We started off by spraying all of our 4x4's white.

After that dried we started taping them off and spraying them blue and red.  It doesn't make a huge difference which color you start with, my sister and I did ours opposite so that we weren't using each others colors.  The biggest thing is to make sure your colors are all the way dry before you start another.   

Once everything is all the way dry all you have to do is sand the edges and glue on the stars and rope with a hot glue gun and you're done!